I am an Electrical Engineer. I received my degree in Electrical Engineering Physics from the University of Texas at Brownsville in May 2012. I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my wife, cooking, building things, gardening, electronics, tea, applying the theories that describe our universe to the auditory range of human hearing. I do what makes me happy, and try to make sure that’s all that drives my decisions in life. Also, my name is Drew Jaworski; I guess it is about time I connected the nodes.

I make things that I think are interesting to me. I make music that I like to listen to. I record videos of me doing things that I enjoy watching/listening to.

I don’t consider myself a musician, an entertainer, or an instructor; I am selfish and I know what I like. What I like is not better than anything else; knowledge is objective, but life is subjective.

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