New Car Stereo

I’ve been clunking along with the factory installed stereo and 6-CD changer in my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo for years now. It finally got bad enough (not loading cds, probably a bad stepper motor based on the loud clicking and whirring sounds coming from it) for me to consider and go about purchasing a new CD player. I got a relatively cheap one from Auto Zone, and then had the honor/fun of using my multimeter to determine which wires on the wiring harness went to what. After an hour in the afternoon heat trying to figure it out, I did a little more exhaustive online searching and finally found a diagram that seemed to match what I had.
Ten minutes later, I finally had the thing wired up and installed properly. Works nicely and actually plays CDs. I’m happy. :D

I also did quite a bit of work on the synth this weekend; built and installed a power supply and a fan for the heatsinks on it. I had been previously using a pre-built linear supply that I purchased many a year ago, and decided I’d rather go the more simplistic route and build my own. It works excellent! I had to rip apart a 12-V wall-wart and wire it in parallel with the main power transformer in order to power the fan separately, though, because it was leaving a strong bit of noise on my power lines (even with a 10mF bypass capacitor; talk about overkill!).

More on that later though, because school is taking up most of my time now; this semester is quite busy, but I’m learning a lot about electromagnetic theory and various other very interesting things right now.

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