For Consideration (I forgot to repost this one)

I have not yet come to terms with my loss. I lost it all recently; every last bit (pun intended) of my personal, educational, and just plain random work saved on my computer was lost and is unlikely to be recovered. For more information, see here:Stuck at GRUB stage1.5 on RAID10 Array After Casual Reboot

Nonetheless, I was fortunate enough to have a few of the tracks I’ve made over the course of the past 2 years uploaded to this server, so here they are. I no longer have the source sequencing, samples, or code that helped create them, nor do I have any desire to try to figure it out again; there is no point, really:

Proton Decay:

Triplet Decay Operator:

Trivial Diffeomorphism:


Nearly 10 years of musical, visual, and literal work have been lost; up to this point, I quite literally had every bit of work I have ever done with a computer since the beginning of High School in 2000. Several hours of music and auditory experimentation, billions of pixels worth of artwork and photography, and hundreds of hours of thinking, researching, and typing for school; all lost. It is very hard for me to let this all go. I could care less about the 100+GB worth of other peoples’ music that I had on my computer, although a lot of that was probably just as unique as my own music; I had a lot of online friends who sent me music over the years and have since disappeared from this world!

Of course, I have many decades of life left to live and to use to produce much more creativity and understanding, so all is not lost. I still have my mind and body in good spirits, and I look forward to whatever else I choose to do with my life! :D

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