Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

Today was the Fundamentals of Engineering exam for me; I had to wake up at 5am and drive an hour to Edinburg, Texas. What is the FE? In short, it is an 8-hour exam that is the start of my path toward becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (complete with a stylish “P.E.” lastname-hat).

I have been preparing off and on for about 6 months now, and I think I did well; In fact, I am almost certain that I did well enough to pass. That’s all that matters, anyway, because when I get my results in 8-10 weeks, that’s pretty much the only information I will receive; whether or not I passed. Well, if I fail I will get a diagnostic report, but I really don’t think that I failed. :D

It was very challenging and exhausting; my neck hurts, but I am glad I decided to bring a pillow to sit on because I think it really made a big difference in my comfort level. The exam is split into two 4-hour sections, the first of which is a 120-question general exam that everyone takes and it covers a broad range of topics. I wish I had spent more time preparing for Thermodynamics, Chemistry, and Fluid Dynamics (a subject I don’t actually understand the reason for having in the general section), but I think the provided reference material helped me do a little better in those areas than I otherwise would have been able to do. The second section is chosen at registration-time by the test-taker to focus on a specific type of engineering (Electrical Engineering, in my case), and I found it to be much more easy-going since I was comfortable with 95% of the topics on the test (versus about 65% of the morning exam). There were only 60 questions for the afternoon section, but they were definitely more involved and some of them required some real multi-level thinking to solve (I’m looking at you, computer architecture questions!).

Like I said, though; I’m pretty confident that I did well enough to pass.

EDIT: I PASSED THE FE EXAM! Now I just need to apply for my Engineer in Training (EIT) License next week! :D

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