Not sure if want…

This is the result of the third attempt to get the photoresistive film applied decently (very difficult) and gets some boards going. At quandrants 2,3, and 4, I have a test board for an RF switch I am using for my Senior Design project; in the first quandrant are 4 adapter boards for an accelerometer IC I got so I could play with it for an idea I had. Either way, these are going to be redone before I etch them.

Results are not great; none of the 7 boards turned out completely perfect. I think I’m just going to remove it, seek out some finer sandpaper, and… I don’t know. The really hard part is getting rid of the air bubbles in the application of the film (the effect of which can be see on the back, where I didn’t bother trying to stop them since I only needed to focus on one side for the boards). Any suggestions?

Front (useful) side of the board. Imperfections make the RF boards useless; the adapter boards could be salvaged, but I don’t wanna.

Back (silly) side of the board. Looks cool, but I can’t etch the boards like this, really. I could mask the whole side, but I’m going to redo it anyway.

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