Matrix Games

I built a fairly cool game/interactive device for my little brother as a birthday present, as alluded to in a previous post.

It consists of a DIY Arduino microcontroller, (8) 8×8 LED Matrixes (total of 32×16 LED matrix), (6) push-button switches, (2) 4->16 line encoders and a 16 channel multiplexer to scan the matrix, a custom-built acyrlic case (some scraps I had around), and a week of hard-paced C-style coding to bring it all together. The video says it all, really, but here’s some pictures as well. This is mostly a one-of-a-kind build, as I’ve never seen anyone else make one (online, much less in real life), but it is a fairly straightforward, off-the-shelf design, so I’m not exactly highly proud of my innovation or something silly like that. :P

Please find enclosed, the Source Code.

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