Last Month of the Semester

Las Vegas was fun; I am either stuck in vacation mode or I’ve started losing my drive for school this semester. I blame a complete lack of electrical engineering classes. Luckily, the next two semesters of school will be practically nothing but EE classes! Incidentally, they will also (hopefully) be the /last/ two semesters of school for me for a while.

I need a job soon.

Life is good, but I’m finding that I’ve lost the ability to relax again; I lost it similarly last year around this time, so I think I’m seeing a pattern develop. I seriously need this next summer semester off of classes, or I’m going to start losing mental stability. I’m not exaggerating here, I seriously think that my ability to function is entirely dependent on me not taking any classes this summer.

I’ve been working on a few side projects lately; the synthesizer is pretty much complete, but I need to do a complete redesign of the sequencer (everything else is working flawlessly). I also have a birthday present for my sister (which would have been appropriate to have done for her birthday, which was last month) that has been met with some delays, and I probably won’t have that done for her until almost 6 weeks after her birthday; it is a kind of cool little LED matrix box with some knobs to control some cool patterns on it. Another thing I have is the restoration of an early-1960’s Baldwin electric organ; I got it around Christmas, but, unfortunately, I haven’t had any time to work on it since January. Since then, Kim’s brother has been living on our living room couch, so I haven’t had much of a desire to work on the organ with him around (making a mess of the place and leaving his shit everywhere).

I’m taking a Matlab course this semester, and I may get a chance to do some cool things for an extra project later this semester. Should be fun! :D

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