I am Officially Engaged Now!

Kim and I are officially engaged for marriage now! :D

We went out for sushi and teppanyaki, as it was our 5th year anniversary of being together. She had put together a ton of gifts into a bag for me, and it started with a very heartwarming card; after I read it aloud, I felt it was the best moment to ask her if she would marry me. From my pocket, I pulled out the lens cloth which held the ring I made for her, and she said yes! We have talked about it before, but are now having to look more into it; we will eventually be getting married at the Texas Renaissance Festival, as Kim has always wanted to do that (and I think it sounds pretty awesome, too).

Kim still has a lot of studying and board exams to push through over the next few months, and I still have 2.5 more semesters of school left to get through, so we’re still not sure if the wedding will be able to happen this Fall. Whenever it does happen, I look forward to it and hope that it will be a wonderful memory to keep for the rest of my life. I look forward to spending the rest of my time on this planet with a woman that I love and love to be with; I am so incredibly happy right now. We’ve got a lot of travel planned over the next month (My sister and I are even driving to Las Vegas to visit some family over Spring Break!), but I know that school will just etch away at this gloss of good-tidings over the next few weeks. >.<

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