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2Host Server Problems

Well, I had an interesting past week or so. I’ve had this VPS setup with 2Host for a few months now, and have been relatively happy with it (despite a few initial hiccups with bad OS images). Very cheap, and it has served my needs as a web server. All I have running on it is a simple static HTML site for my father and this WordPress site.

Nonetheless, I had this random urge on July 15th to check the sites, and discovered they were down! I couldn’t find anything wrong with my server, other than it had no network access; I was able to login through the Xen server host’s interface, and the OS thought it had internet access but would timeout on pings to anything other than itself. From my home computer, traceroutes to the server would fail at the Xen server’s IP address. I found a forum post that claimed 2Host’s servers had been hit with a DDOS attack on July 13th, and I figured something had been incorrectly configured on the Xen server, so I opened a support ticket with 2Host and hoped for the best. ~32 hours passed before I got a short reply that blamed my VPS’s configuration for the problem. I replied back with more evidence that it was not my server configuration that was causing the problem, and got a reply ~30 hours later that they think they fixed it and to check for myself. No luck.

I said no, and then got a reply the next day saying they thought they had fixed it again. This time, at least, they were correct.

So went the Quest For A Working VPS. That was a frustrating experience, but I guess I shouldn’t ask for better customer service when I pay $36/year. :P

It Is Alive!

I finally finished remaking the front panel, wiring everything back up, calibrating the oscillators, and making some sounds! Finals are over, my health has deteriorated a bit due to stress, and I don’t know what is keeping me awake right now, but I’m happy to have this thing done up to this point! :D

It isn’t perfect, but it is better looking than anything I’ve ever made in the past. There are a few places where the ink smeared, but I like to think that things like that give it character.

That’s a fine looking sine wave, I must say so myself.

In The Beginning…

There was LiveJournal; I used that for a while, and got tired of it.

What’s this, then? WordPress? Two simple words: “I’m lazy.”

This place will be where I post my music and music-related thoughts; a centralized location to help ensure that I know what I’m doing.

How will it work? Just wait, and we’ll see where this goes…